11 Introspective Questions To Ask Yourself In The New Year

Are you looking to boost your business in 2019? Are you not sure where to start? Ask yourself these 11 introspective questions. Once you have answered them, you can better plan and execute your goals to improve your business. 

  1. Who knows me this week or this month, that didn’t know me last week or last month?
  2. Who do I know this week or this month, that I didn’t know last week or last month?
  3. Have I identified where my business or next referral will come from?
  4. What specific actions have I taken to become successful in my business?
  5. Opportunity is everywhere, all the time. What habits have I implemented to tilt those opportunities in my favor?
  1. Where else can I be exercising my efforts to build relationships?
  2. What can I do to set myself apart from all other Realtors seeking the same business or relationships? (Do I promote a niche, or have a particular skillset that I can share with business partners to help them succeed?)
  3. What is my Why? (Why do I get up in the morning?)
  4. Can I define my purpose and intent with each action taken and conversation spoken?
  5. Can I state with clarity why a buyer, a homeowner, or a business partner should work with me?
  6. Have I developed an overall big picture plan, in writing, with smaller, daily activities that I must do to accomplish my goals?