4 Easy Ways To Get Started With Smart Lighting In Your Home

If state-of-the-art whole-house automation makeover is outside your comfort zone or budget, don’t worry. There are still small ways you can try smart-home technology. Use these simple steps for integrating smart lighting into your home:

  1. Choose an Assistant. The easiest way to centralize smart-home operations is by using a digital assistant, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. These voice-activated devices can be programmed to communicate with a wide variety of smart-lighting controls, including dimming, brightening, switching on, and turning off lights.

  2. Start with Smart Lightbulbs Switching out a lightbulb is the easiest way to dip your toes into smart-home options. Screw a smart bulb, such as the Philips Dimmable Connected Bulb, $11.97 at The Home Depot, into an existing fixture, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and start experimenting with using the app to control the light.

  3. Switch to Smart Lightswitches To make your entire home smarter, consider smart outlets or switches, such as the Kasa Smart Light Switch, $22.49 at Amazon. Once the smart switch is installed, you can remotely control your fixtures, even those with basic bulbs. After you’ve experienced how smart switches can work for your lifestyle, consider installing smart light fixtures, which have this technology built in and can be controlled with your voice or an app.

  4. Get Creative with Smart Lighting Controls. Turn on a porch light when someone rings your smart doorbell, flash a red light if your thermostat detects carbon monoxide, or turn on the bedroom light when your fitness tracker indicates you’re awake. Home automation provides so many ways to make your life easier if you’re willing to explore the capabilities.

*Courtesy of BHG.com