Forbearance Process

Borrower(s) that can make their payments, should make their payments. However, if you’re currently unable to make your payment due to a financial hardship sustained by the COVID-19 pandemic, you can apply for forbearance to pause your payments. You must contact the customer care team for full details and to discuss your specific options. We have included as example of the process below:

1. Heather Homeowner - $1,200 Monthly Mortgage Payment Due May 1st.

2. Apply for a mortgage loan forbearance through loan servicer (not all forbearance applications will be approved).

3. If 3 Month forbearance is approved, no payment is due May, June, or July until August 1st. It is recommended to to pay as much as possible during this forbearance period to reduce the amount due at the end of the program.

4. July 1st Payment - $4,800 total due. Forbearance payments from April-June ($3,600) + July’s monthly payment ($1,200) are ALL due. If financial hardship persists, a repayment plan or loan modification may be applied for.

Keep in mind that a loan is not eligible for forbearance until after the loan has been backed by the Federal Government. Federal Government backing does not happen at the time of loan funding and this process can take up to a few months.

If your loan is being serviced by Mountain West Financial, contact our customer care team at 877-841-0497 for full details and to discuss your specific options.