3 Pandemic Inspired Buying Trends With Staying Power

1. The Desire For More Space - Inside And Out
With more and more people working remotely, a trend that is expected to continue after the pandemic, the need to live close to a city center is fading. Pre-pandemic, we may have spent our weekends at parks, outdoor concerts, and museums. But many of those activities no longer feel safe. Homebuyers are looking to fill the recreational void in their own backyards with pools, fire pits and home gardens. Not only are homebuyers looking for properties with more outdoor space, but they’re also seeking out homes with more indoor space to accommodate the growing trend in multigenerational living.

2. Fewer Open Floor Plans
As family dynamics shift and our in-home activities multiply, what buyers want in home design is changing as well. NAR research shows the top feature homeowners are looking for is a home office, and in some cases, buyers are looking for more than one. The increase in remote work, coupled with the need for self-isolation, and in some cases, homeschooling has buyers and builders shying away from open floor plans.

3. Smart Home Upgrades For Health And Convenience
While smart home technology may have started off as a luxury upgrade, many features have become commonplace in homes of all price points. COVID-19 has made homebuyers hyper-aware of touching surfaces and smart features that allow for voice or contact-free control are becoming more popular. Smart locks that provide keyless touch-free entry, touchless kitchen faucets, and smart home hubs are upgrades that not only appeal to germ conscious COVID-era homebuyers but can also increase the value of your home in the long run.

*Courtesy of HomeownershipMatters.Realtor