4 Simple Steps To Get Listings Right Now

If you want listings then you have to help educate them every step of the way. If you want them to trust you, you have to back it up with facts, data and insights. When you do that, you’ll get listings. Here’s how to pull it off.

1. Personalize Your Prospecting. For agents, there are two types of prospecting: active and passive, and they both have their advantages. Today’s sellers have a lot of questions. Your active and passive prospecting are great places to combat any market anxiety with cold hard facts. Here are a couple good places to start:
-Fill your social media feed with expert quotes & market insights
-Use local hashtags to reach new people
-Create videos for social media & email that highlight hot topics
-Restructure and refine your email follow-up campaigns

2. Enhance Your Lead Follow-Up. People make purchases based mostly on one factor: value. Value means what you bring to that listing presentation table. So, when you’re selling yourself to potential clients, ask yourself this: what do you offer that’s bigger and better than what other agents are offering? Sending the standard “Still thinking of selling?” email won’t do the trick. But if you fill that “Still thinking of selling?” email with relevant real estate articles, a Seller Guide and/or market insights, you are proving your expertise, and therefore providing value.

3. Don’t Underestimate Your Listing Presentation. When done well, a listing presentation can be one of a real estate agent’s most powerful tools. If you want to create a listing presentation that wins in today’s market, you need a lot more than an overview of all your recent sales and career highlights. Therefore, take a long hard look at yours and ask yourself these questions:
-Does it start and end strong?
-Is it focused on the sellers needs?
-Does it explain your company’s value?
-Does it explain your value?
-Does it develop trust?
If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time for a listing presentation refresh.

4. Data & Market Insights Are Your Best Friend. People trust credible sources. They trust news articles, charts and graphs. They need to hear what experts predict is going to happen in the market. From your prospecting to your lead follow-up and listing presentation, every step of your customer journey should be filled with hard data and market insights.

Bottom Line. There have been a lot of frightening headlines this year fueling a lot of confusion about where the market is headed. By filling your lead prospecting and follow-up with cold hard facts, you can not only help potential sellers trust the market, but also your expertise as an agent.

*Courtesy of KeepingCurrentMatters com